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Tee Time Cancellations

We kindly ask that members who book tee times who are subsequently not then able to use these times, please cancel your booking as far in advance as possible so that the slot can be filled by others who are looking to play. 

It is also essential that you check in when coming to play so that you are marked off on the system. 

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Covid Restrictions

We ask members to continue to adhere to the current covid guidelines in and around the club until the time that such restrictions change. 

All members visiting upstairs should scan your vaccine pass on arrival at the terminal provided. 

We really appreciate your support in ensuring that we are complying with current restrictions. Hopefully it is not too long until we can operate with more freedom. 

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Apprentice Greenkeeper

We are still on the lookout for an apprentice greenkeeper to join our team, please mention this to anyone that you think this position may be of interest to. 

This is a great opportunity for someone taking their first steps in the industry.

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Membership Cards

We have ordered new membership cards for payments made up until the 17th March. Please check in the Pro's Shop next week for your new card.

Final reminders for membership payment will be sent on the 24th March and we will resign unfinancial members on 1st April 2022. Places will then be offered to those on the waiting list looking to join.

For those struggling to make a one off payment we can arrange to set up a monthly direct debit to help spread the costs over the year. (3% surcharge).

Finally, we ask that when using the member accounts at the bar you present your membership card to avoid any issues of charges to the wrong account during a busy service. Old cards will still work until new one's are collected. 

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