Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Bayleys   5 9 218
   Blue   5 8 444
   White   5 8 431
   Bayleys   5 9 218
   White   5 6 431
   Yellow   5 5 403

Russell Gordon Contracting

Concrete underpins the performance of practically every modern structure. That’s why it’s vital to ensure the quality of your concrete components while managing all the costs and unpredictable factors that can affect the delivery of a project.


RGC is here to ensure a consistently high level of quality is delivered to all our clients – every time. We achieve this through our unique business model, with highly experienced teams of specialists covering all aspects of concrete - from blocklaying to concrete cutting – and all supporting each other. We provide clients with a true 'one stop shop' that makes it easier for them to coordinate the complexities of a construction timetable.


A REPUTATION AS STRONG AS THE STRUCTURES WE DELIVER. Last but not least, we stand by our work. With a record of delivery dating back five decades, RGC is focused on longevity. We’re proud of our ongoing working relationships with some of New Zealand’s most trusted and successful operators in the construction marketplace. Their success is our success.