Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Achilles Red   4 1 400
   Bayleys   5 8 242
   Leander Blue   4 1 350
   Royalist White   4 1 384
   Royalist/Leander   4 1 384
   Achilles Red   5 10 400
   Bayleys   5 8 242
   Leander Blue   5 10 350
   Royalist White   5 10 384
   Royalist/Leander   5 10 384

House of Travel

Devonport is a unique community and at House of Travel we’ve discovered that the travel needs of the Devonport community are also quite unique. 

That’s why we’ve increasingly promoted travel ideas that are just a little bit ‘off-the-beaten-track’ and more adventurous than the norm. 

Our success is also based on the pride we take in listening to our customers. Really listening! It allows us to enhance the ideas you bring to us, to use the wide ranging travel experience of our specialist team to add the things that our customers sometimes ‘don’t know that they don’t know’ and to be there for them, just a phone call or email away right throughout their travels. 
If you want to make your next holiday just the best that it can possibly be we invite you to contact us 09 445 4211 to discuss what you have in mind.