Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Achilles Red   4 9 356
   Bastille   4 9 305
   Bayleys   4 4 212
   Leander Blue   4 9 305
   Royalist White   4 9 345
   Royalist/Leander   4 9 345
   Achilles Red   4 4 356
   Bastille   4 4 305
   Bayleys   4 4 212
   Leander Blue   4 4 305
   Royalist White   4 4 345
   Royalist/Leander   4 4 345


Summerset at Monterey Park offers the experience of luxury living in the thriving Hobsonville community. Offering a range of villas, apartments, serviced apartments and our premium waterside Clark Coastal villas.


Set on the water’s edge with 270-degree views over the water and only a 20 minute drive to the CBD, Summerset at Monterey Park lets you enjoy the very best this unique location has to offer.


With our stunning range of indoor and outdoor facilities, you’ll always have something to do no matter what the weather. And if you’re keen to get involved, our on-site Activities Coordinator will make sure there's always a calendar of events and activities to keep you entertained.


We also offer our continuum of care, from one-off services through to hospital-level care in our Ministry of Health certified care centre. Village residents have priority access to our care, subject to availability.


For more information, contact our Sales Manager today on 09 951 8922 or visit