Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Achilles Red   4 10 364
   Bastille   4 10 331
   Bayleys   4 2 222
   Leander Blue   4 10 281
   Royalist White   4 10 331
   Royalist/Leander   4 10 281
   Achilles Red   4 14 364
   Bastille   4 14 331
   Bayleys   4 2 222
   Leander Blue   4 14 281
   Royalist White   4 14 331
   Royalist/Leander   4 14 281

Well Hung Butcher

Well Hung, your artisan butcher in Milford – and a proud sponsor of the Waitemata Golf Club. 


We provide a premium selection of NZ grown, grass fed, AngusPure and Wagyu beef, dry-aged up to 100 days. 


We are well-known for our range of gourmet, gluten-free sausages, all made fresh in-store. We also stock free range and organic poultry, grass fed lamb, free farmed pork, and cured meats sourced from New Zealand’s top producers. 


Premium Quality 

Our focus is on delivering a range of outstanding offerings.  Meats are cut to order, so you get what you want, however you want it, every single time.


The team is inspired by promoting the best of New Zealand meat, whilst at the same time encouraging and supporting its customers to appreciate how good meat can be if reared well, prepared and dry aged in a managed, safe and artisanal environment.  


Specialising in Dry Aged Beef

When you come in-store, you’ll notice Well Hung’s dry agers, which are used to intensify and bring out the flavour in its range of premium quality, New Zealand Angus and Wagyu beef. 


Dry aging is the traditional process used to achieve the highest levels of natural flavour and maximise the tenderness of each cut. The meat is not ‘dried’ or ‘cured’ but is instead well-hung on the bone for between 21 and 100 days to enhance the flavour profile.


Going the Extra Mile

Well Hung also takes the hassle out of cooking or catering with its French style rotisserie. Simply call-up with your order and the team will be happy to cook your selected cuts of pork, lamb or chicken for you at no extra cost.  It can even offer crispy potatoes slow-roasted to perfection in duck fat, on request.


Pop In to either Store or Order Online: 

210 Kitchener Rd, Milford, Auckland

09 486 0936

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday:  9am –5pm

Friday to Saturday: 9am - 4pm 

Sunday: 10am - 4pm 


Milford Shopping Centre, Milford, Auckland

09 486 0863

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday:  9am –5:30pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm