Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Achilles Red   4 11 323
   Bastille   4 11 323
   Bayleys   4 3 215
   Leander Blue   4 11 245
   Royalist White   4 11 312
   Royalist/Leander   4 11 312
   Achilles Red   4 8 323
   Bastille   4 8 323
   Bayleys   4 3 215
   Leander Blue   4 8 245
   Royalist White   4 8 312
   Royalist/Leander   4 8 312

Fleet Street Panel Beaters

Fleet Street Panelbeaters Ltd was established in 1971 in Devonport, and
remains operating in the same location under the same family structure. For
over 40 years, directors Dennis and Nathan Hale have focused on building a
reputation as a friendly, helpful, and trusted provider of quality repairs,
to a wide variety of vehicles in the region

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customer, and getting them back
on the road as quickly as possible. Using the latest technology and
equipment, and employing highly skilled and qualified tradesmen, customers
are assured that they will receive only the best finished result, in great

Our Panelbeating business is accredited by many insurance companies, and is
a proud member of the CRA (Collision Repair Association). We endeavour to
make the process of your insurance claim completely stress free, from your
initial visit to us, through the time you drive your repaired vehicle home.

HAD A CRASH OR A DING RECENTLY? Avoid further deterioration and come see
Nathan and the team down at Fleet Street for a competitive quote!