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Covid Protection Framework - IMPORTANT UPDATE

With ongoing updates having been received from NZ Golf (outlined below) and clearer guidelines having been outlined for specific sports in the covid protection framework, we are now able to further update you on how things will work at the Club from Friday 3rd December onwards. 

It has been confirmed that golf is a sport that is able to be played safely by members and guests who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated, provided that social distancing and mask wearing rules are in place for the protection of all. 

This, like a number of other public places (such as shopping malls) means that there will be different rules in place for different areas of the Club. 

To help the members understand what you can and can't do at the Red Level we have broken things down to the different areas of the Club. 

Areas of the Club where no vaccine mandate is in place: 

Course: Members are asked to continue to maintain 2m social distancing between other playing groups when out on the course and when congregating around the clubhouse. Both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated golfers are permitted to play golf at this alert level. 

Walkway between the Pro's Shop and Cafe : Member Check In and QR Code Scanning. Mask wearing and Social Distancing is Mandatory. 

Pro's Shop (Retail): Members wishing to visit the pro's shop for retail purposes can enter (numbers will be limited), mask wearing is mandatory as is social distancing.

Scorecard Printing: Self Check in for Scorecard Printing is again permitted, we have set this up at the current check in window, so that members can use the touch screen and print scorecards themselves without needing to enter the pro's shop. 

Cafe: We will continue to operate the cafe on a take away only basis, there will be no internal seating. Food and drink can be taken and consumed on the outdoor tables. Please order and pay at first window, and collect from the second window.

Internal Corridor: This will again be open for members to use, scorecards are to be scanned, screens should be wiped between use (there will be wipes at each scanner for this purpose). One member per playing group only should enter the scorecards to minimise people in this space.

Downstairs Toilets / Showers: Toilets and Showers will re-open to all members, mask wearing and social distancing is required. 

Vaccine Mandated Areas

Upstairs Bar, Kitchen and Deck Areas: Only people able to show a vaild 'My Vaccine Pass' will be able to access the upstairs bar area. Children under the age of 12 years and 3 months old are unable to be vaccinated at this stage, and are not required to provide this evidence. In a change to last weeks guidelines children older than 12 years & 3 months will be required to provide proof of vaccination in order to come upstairs

We are told that the 100 or so people in NZ who are exempt from the vaccination requirements should have been issued with a vaccine pass, therefore doctors exemption letters will not be accepted as per the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Vaccine Pass Information: Over the coming weeks we will be noting on the Dotgolf system, members who are happy for us to store their vaccine pass expiry date. No pass details other than the expiry date will be stored and it will only be accessible by the admin staff. This will add another layer to our record keeping, if required, to provide this to authorities. Members are welcome to drop into the office, show us your pass and we will note it on the system. 


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Dear All

It has been a while since we have seen your smiling faces in the Clubhouse. We are excited to be re-opening this Friday from 11am. Please make sure you have made time to organise your vaccination passport, this is important to have prior to entering the Clubhouse.

Please note that whilst it has been great to see people socialising outside on the grass areas around the clubhouse, it is against the terms of our license to have people bringing their own alcohol to areas around the clubhouse when our bar is operational. 

To make Clubhouse services run smoother, we are asking if you could top up your membership accounts in the Downstairs café whilst you get your pre-round coffee. Our tills are all linked so you could spend this credit at the bar and kitchen upstairs. A reminder that we will not be taking cash across the whole facility.

Please remain seated. There will be forms and pens on your table to note down your drinks orders and a space for your House Account number to debit.  When you’re ready to place your order, just flag down one of our staff who will be waiting to serve you at your table.

Ask a staff member if you would like to join 2 tables. We need to be mindful of space and keep routes clear for the staff who are now moving around the clubhouse.

Look forward to seeing everyone back from 11am Friday 3rd December
Drink responsibly 
Cheers, Urville




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Friday Night Food. 

With the Clubhouse re-opening tomorrow it has been difficult to predict how busy it will be and how best to manage the re-opening. 

We have therefore decided to re-open offering our Bar Menu with a couple of specials for Friday Night. 

Please note your table number and order at the kitchen counter, we are not taking table bookings. 

Following this weekend we can review and develop our offering from there. 

Friday Specials:

Chicken Parmigiana, with Roasted Baby Potatoes, Bacon and Herbs 


Fish & Chips





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