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Hi all,

The Golf Committee have decided to have a procedure in place to formally review members playing  handicaps. This will be done by setting up a Handicap Committee which in the first instance will be an extension of the Golf Committee duties. This decision follows a recommendation from Golf NZ that the club should have such a procedure in place to deal with handicap queries and is common in golf clubs throughout NZ.

The Handicap Committee will deal with all matters that involve an individual's handicap and will be both proactive and reactionary to member submissions. For instance, a member may have had health issues, or other reasons,  and cannot play competitively while being limited by the current "hard cap" on their handicap index. That person or someone on their behalf can contact the Golf Committee for a review of their handicap, and this may lead to a lifting of the cap or higher handicap index.  Similarly, part of the success of the handicap system is peer review - making sure that all cards are entered, etc. If a club member believes a handicap index is too high they can send that information to the committee. Obviously this would involve discussions with the individual concerned but the information will be treated in confidence.

Anybody that has concerns or matters to raise should do so by email to the Golf Director on Please understand that the committee will meet once per month so there may not be an instant response or handicap adjustment.


This is a reminder that under our current rules of competition, as displayed on the club's website, your scorecard must be completed and signed by your marker. Unfortunately this means that digital scorecards are unacceptable for all club competitions and scrambles.

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Hi all,

Firstly, please also read the information from the golf committee, in particular the reminder that a scorecard, completed by your marker, must be returned as a condition of entry to club competitions and scrambles. Digital scorecards are not acceptable for these events.


Saturday 23rd April - BIRTHDAY CUP - Round 1

The Birthday Cup is a partners event played over two Saturday's. The first round is Foursomes ( alternate shots ). Entries are now being taken in the pro-shop and all entries received prior to Wednesday  13th April will receive priority bookings on the first Saturday. Sort out a partner and get your entry in now. For those not organised in advance you will still be able to enter on the day.

Saturday 30th April - Birthday Cup - Round 2 and 3

Rounds 2 and 3 are played concurrently and are combined stableford and 4BBB. This may sound confusing but the computer will calculate the results. All that is needed is an individual's completed scorecard. There is no requirement for the partners to play together on the second day - although you may well wish to do so. If necessary one person could play in the morning field and the other in the afternoon and the computer will match up the cards.

Saturday 7th May - CLUB CHAMPS - Seniors

Rounds 1 and 2 for the Seniors - entries will open mid April

Saturday 21st May

Seniors - Round 3, all other divisions round 1

Sunday 22nd May - Finals Day

Seniors - Round  4, all other divisions round 2

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